Gulmarg Golf Course

About Gulmarg Golf Course

One of the biggest tourist attractions in Gulmarg is the 18-hole, highest green golf course in the world, the Gulmarg Golf Course, which is located at a height of about 2700 metres. A breathtaking location with a fantastic golfing experience. This is where Gulmarg’s heart is. In addition to renting golf equipment to play for a considerable portion of the day, you may also stand in the centre and take in the surrounding natural beauty. This one will appeal especially to photo enthusiasts.

On one hand, there are white mountains, while on the other, there are hotels, cottages, and other lovely buildings. land with lush green grass all around and a little red temple in the centre. The scenery can be toured on foot for about 5 to 6 kilometres. However, on a clear day, the course offers breathtaking vistas of the Apharwat range, Sunset Peak, and even Harmukh. It’s definitely not something a weekend golfer should pass up.