Bhureshwar Mahadev Temple: Why it is famous among Tourists?

Bhureshwar Mahadev Temple

About Bhureshwar Mahadev Temple

Bhurshing, or Bhureshwar Mahadev Temple, is a temple located in Himachal Pradesh’s Sirmour District. Due to the breathtaking views, surrounding natural beauty, and pleasant climate of its location on the peak of the Nahan-Solan state highway, this temple is also well-known among tourists in the area. It is worth visiting if you are planning a day trip.


Regarding its history, it is thought that Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati witnessed the famous Kurukshetra war, as stated in the Mahabharata. Additionally, there is a second legend that two siblings, Bhur Singh and Dahi Devi, died here. And this temple was constructed in their honour. According to the tale, the two siblings lived in Panwa village. In the past, they used the jungle to graze their cattle. They lost the calf one day while grazing. They returned to their home with the surviving cattle. But when their father isn’t home, their stepmother abuses them terribly.

According to her, Bhur Singh cannot enter the house until he locates the missing calf. So he went into the jungle. The next day, the father went into the jungle to find his son, Bhur Singh but discovered that both Bhur Singh and the calf were lying dead.

After some days, the stepmother arranged the marriage of her sister (Dahi Devi). Soon after her marriage, when she was on her doli, she made a wish to visit the place where her brother died. After visiting that place, she jumped from the rock and committed suicide. 

After that, every year on Ekadashi, the 11th day after Diwali, a fair is organised.

Bhureshwar Mahadev Temple

How To Reach Bhureshwar Mahadev Temple

One can easily reach this temple as it is situated on the Nahan-Solan Highway. A link road is connected to the highway. A few years back, the link road to Bhureshwar Mahadev Temple was not in good condition, but now it is fully renovated, which means you can now visit this temple in any weather. You can get there in your own vehicle as parking facilities are available.


Vlog - A Short Trip to Bhureshwar Mahadev Temple

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